Your life design

When you look at people you admire, (or maybe are jealous of), do you believe they got that life by chance? Did it just fall in their laps? Are they way luckier than you?

Nope. They designed it that way. 

The people that work cool jobs, travel the world, have an amazing group of friends, look really happy all the time, get offered amazing opportunities… they are actively choosing it. All of it.

And you can too.

It’s called taking responsibility. Your happiness is your problem. You get to make life awesome. Actually, YOU are the only one that can.

This is not to say that awful things don’t happen – they do. Some people hurt others, things go wrong, shit happens and maybe it’s unavoidable..  But, what you do next, how you bounce back, the choices you make and your view of the world – that is all up to you.

You can decide to be the most enthusiastic person in the room. You can decide to be your most vibrant self. You can decide to smile and not let anyone dampen that. You can choose to say yes to opportunities and trust that the universe has got your back.

Or, you can be a Debbie downer. Which is easier. That way you can make excuses and be judgemental.. It takes little energy and no courage.

But it’s not going to give you a positive, flourishing life.

So I challenge you, starting today, choose how you want life to look. Choose how you want to feel.

And then be prepared to get it. 







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