Inflow Vs Outflow: Why you need to share what you know


If you are anything like me, you are a chronic listener of podcasts, Ted Talks, self development books and health blogs, constantly taking on new information and integrating it into into your world view. I love learning and there is so much good information now at our finger tips.

Whilst I completely and utterly promote the love of learning and staying up to date with the latest health information and life hacks, I have recently realized that there is a fine balance between inflow and outflow.

Hear me out with this – See I have a beautiful friend who is full, FULL, of health and wellness knowledge. She can answer many questions with insightful, well researched advice. She knows her stuff – but it lives locked away in her head, only accessible when a close friend asks a direct question. I find to be such a shame.

Not everyone needs to blog or create a podcast, but sharing information and creating conversation around wellness is important and so valuable.

I guess my point is this – its all well and good to do the learning but if it isn’t going anywhere, even into your own lifestyle, then what is the point?

Give yourself permission to take up space.

Inflow of information is wonderful – but outflow is essential. Whether this means that the learning you do is put into practice (trying the oil pulling, that morning routine or super smoothie) or by sharing what you know with people who could benefit from it, the outflow renders the inflow useful.

I personally struggle/d (its a work in progress) with the “who am i to …?” concept – That one that says “Who am i to tell people what to do?” “Who do I think I am?” But the honest truth is, who are you not to help others live a happier, healthier life? If you are sitting there with a golden nugget of information that you know could benefit your mum/ cousin/friend/neighbour, then go share it!

Here are 3 easy steps to increasing your OUTFLOW:

  1. Put your learning into practice – Have you listened to or read something recently that spoke to you? Whatever it was – give it a whirl. Just try it out and see how you feel. If you find it added a positive benefit to your life, then most likely others will see that and love your new healthy vibe – this is an advertisement in itself! It also makes it ten times easier to speak about it.  Its much better to speak from experience than to say “this expert somewhere says” … So, test run the yoga class, a certain style of meditation, or bulletproof coffee and then chat about it.
  2. Look around you and start conversations with people you love. We all have that family member that needs to move more or has a problem with their anxiety – if you know something that will help, share it! Its as simple as starting the conversation and offering to try it (trampolining, juicing, breathing exercises etc etc) out together.
  3. Take up space! I recently heard this podcast, on the Melissa Ambrosini show where the guest speaker, Tera Warner, talked about allowing yourself to take up space. This means treating yourself with the respect and confidence that you deserve. If you have something to say, then say it. Shine your light. You don’t need to assume that nobody wants to know or that nobody will take you seriously. Pass on your message with confidence and the knowledge that outflow of information is important. Share in the spirit of service.

Keep learning and growing (I’m sure its the secret to happiness) but do so with service in mind. Your outflow of information can help those around you to live their best lives possible. Whats not to love about that?







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