Feeling lack? Try this.

Its so easy to go down the rabbit hole, getting lost in thoughts. One little doubt can lead to another and all of a sudden you are in full scale panic about the future. Or, maybe its a creeping, chronic chain of negative thoughts that walk with you every where you go. A fear that there won’t be enough. 

I sat in the grass with my friend yesterday watching the kids play. We could see the eiffel tower in the back ground. The sun was out after a grey drizzly day. She told me how each month is a struggle and how she was so worried about how they would get by. I had previously noticed how she would often pepper conversation with these little doubts and worries since losing her job.

I wanted to help my friend see a different perspective. Without getting too hippy spiritual I explained that energy attracts its own energy – so when you are feeling great, you will attract high vibes but when all you notice is the lack, you attract low vibes. She needed to shift the energy from low to high.


With Gratitude.

Notice the negative chatter and stop it by counting 5 things you are grateful for right now. This not only draws our minds back to the present moment but switches our perspective from one of lack to one of abundance.

Then, do something that makes you feel good. Hug someone, cup of tea, hilarious you tube video, bare feet in the grass, a cartwheel – whatever.

Remember that it is you who gets to decide what thoughts you have. If you dont like the ones playing in your head, change the channel and choose again.


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