Lets meet!  

I am available for one on one coaching sessions in mindfulness, meditation, pranayama and lifestyle redesign. Contact me, let’s talk!

Yoga sessions are available one on one or as a group in the St Germain en Laye and Paris areas.

You can also find me at Life Space, St Germain en Laye for Yoga and Meditation Classes

My email is plumeyoga@gmail.com

All my coaching sessions and yoga classes are designed to create smiles, healthy bodies & clear minds.

2 thoughts on “Lets meet!  

  1. Dear Rebecca, l would love to do one of your classes, when is the next one?
    I’m am planning to do a yoga teacher trading course with Ashtak Yoga in Thailand next year and I understand you did your training with them. I’d be keen to hear about your journey with them.

    All the best


    1. Hi Anabela!

      You are going to love it!! I couldn’t recommend it highly enough! It’s an intense program, you will learn so much. Gaurav is just incredible.

      If you have any specific questions, do ask. I could talk about it all day…

      In terms of my class – I’d love you to come 🙂 I’m actually on holidays for the next two weeks but will be teaching again from the 14th of October. I teach in East London, do you live around there?

      looking forward to hearing from you,

      Bec x


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