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Bec is a Contributing Writer for Super Soul Yoga


Testimonials from students 


Ashlee says: Bec is such a wonderful teacher. I had only done 12 weeks of yoga before joining her classes and I couldn’t believe the difference an instructor could make. Bec’s classes are so enjoyable and relaxing but at the same time I was seeing and feeling a difference that I hadn’t felt in any of my other yoga classes.

Bec is so kind, while also extending your capacity both physically and mentally.

I couldn’t recommend Bec enough and am very jealous of whoever gets to attend her classes.


Laura says: Bec is an amazing human and the most wonderful yoga teacher. Her classes are always fresh, full of inspiration and challenges. She’s supportive, encouraging and calming.

I always left class feeling accomplished and energised. If you’re looking for the perfect yoga teacher, you’ve found her!



Emma says: My experiences in Rebecca’s yoga classes where incredibly positive. Rebecca made me, a beginner to yoga, feel so comfortable fromthe very first class. There was no intimidation (even though I found it hard to even touch my toes at the start). Rebecca’s yoga classes were challenging enough to push you so you felt the benefits while still having lovely moments of pure relaxation and stillness of mind. She is a brilliant teacher and takes the time to learn each member of the class. I would defiantly go to any class being run by this amazing yoga fairy.


Aisling says: Yoga was something I never considered to be “my kind of thing” but as bed was teaching the class, i thought i would give it a go. The first week or two I still wasn’t sure but it very quickly became something I looked forward to in my week. I had been worried about being inflexible and unbalanced, but none of that mattered. It was about the breathing, the poses, your best effort; and if you fell out of whatever weird and wonderful position you were in or laughed, it was OK. And the joy I felt when I heard the words “Savasana” after a tough yoga class = bliss.

Becs love of Yoga shines through every class and in the way she teaches, yoga-ing with her is a delight!


Deirdre says: As a beginner walking into Bec’s yoga class I’ll admit I was nervous. However that feeling of uncertainty was immediately pushed from my mind when I stepped through the door and was greeted by her big, radiant smile. The energy and enthusiasm Bec brings to each class is contagious and very week I’d find myself attempting a new and challenging pose. The best part was everyone in the class was so encouraging that if you failed or toppled over, you could have a laugh and had the support to attempt it again.

I can guarantee anyone who attends her classes will leave each week feeling more cheerful, happier and lighter! Bec is a wonderful teacher and if you are fortunate enough to attend her class you won’t be disappointed.